Our highly successful hub-content format “Rund um den Hund” already achieved a retention rate of 61% and thus 2.3 million minutes watch time


The challenge posed was to create a holistic and cost-efficient cross-platform video content strategy for ZooRoyal. Goal of this strategy was the increase in brand loyalty through highly qualitative brand touch points with existing clients, as well as attracting new clients for ZooRoyal.


Videobeat’s Approach

The creation of the hub-content format “Rund um den Hund” (All about Dogs) with influencers and personalities from TV helped to automatically increase the net reach and at the same time create an entertaining format. The discrete, organic placement of the products helped to build a sustainable YouTube channel and to achieve organic growth. Host Masih Samin and his guests provide the necessary character and authenticity to win subscribers for the channel. Additionally the content strategy of the series is based on the consumers’ passion points: educate, entertain & inspire. The format is produced in the Videobeat studios in Hamburg.



Already the first season achieved a retention rate of 61% through targeted seeding and thus 2.3 million minutes watch time – qualitative brand contact with the target group. 2019 season 2 follows as well as the supplementary Hub-content-format “Rund um die Katz”, which is about cats.