Granular target group targeting and curation of video playlists for Sennheiser led to an increase in of more than 102% compared to YouTube’s average view rate


For Sennheiser, Videobeat firstly wanted to generate a target group-specific reach and watch time for a niche audience. Secondly, it was the goal to strengthen Sennheiser’s image as a producer of high-end products to build the world of audio for tomorrow.


Videobeat’s Approach

In order to achieve its goals, Videobeat took a new approach to customer targeting. To create high quality contacts, granular targeting that went far beyond conventional targeting was necessary. The inclusion of historical search terms and affinities to similar products made it possible to limit the targeting to a highly valuable and narrow audience. The curation of playlists and usage of TrueView InStream ads featuring industry experts (e.g. well-known producers or musicians) led to the provision of relevant content.



The highly granular targeting measures to target a very valuable audience paid off. Videobeat was able to exceed the average YouTube view rate by more than 102% and keep the Cost per Visit consistently low. 

The carefully curated content and the maintenance of the Sennheiser YouTube channel led to an exceptionally high retention rate and high-quality brand exposure for several minutes that strengthened Sennheiser’s image as a producer of high-end audio products.